Factory of Terror - The Attractions


Dark, endless, unimaginable nightmares await the brave visitors of the Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio. Creating the new standard for all Halloween attractions, the wicked combination of elaborate animations and overbearing rampant factory will provide over an hour of testing every last sensory nerve. Many victims have been overwhelmed by the 160,000 square foot building we occupy, and have failed the simple task of entering the doors of the "World’s Longest Haunted House!!!"

Portal To Insanity

The Journey begins in the Portal to Insanity, which is the first mirror maze constructed strictly for the Halloween season in the U.S. This perfectly engineered reflective nightmare will absolutely warp your commitment to "seeing is believing".

Many visitors will revisit this attraction to "figure it out." Each visit will leave the mind searching for a grip on reality as crossed-eyes lead lost souls deeper into confusion. When the mirrors release their grip, the relentless door hallway releases characters in every direction.

Industrial Nightmare

The Industrial Nightmare is a completely new design.

We have completely redesigned our attack on your senses and have created an experience that tests your nerve, guts, and instincts. Requiring three full time designers and months of construction, the Industrial Nightmare has become our featured area. Just as a factory worker had dangers in every aspect of his work, we utilized the unique features of the original factory to attack the visitors from all angles.

Phenomenal sound and lighting effects will unknowingly break the wits and provide the perfect opportunity for the deformed factory vagrants to wreak havoc.

Massacre On Mahoning

The facade of the "Massacre on Mahoning" sets an unsettling stage. Why a mansion in a factory? When the aluminum foundry was unable to turn profits, and partners pulled out, the Founder, Mr. Terinz refused to give up. Convinced the workers were to blame for the losses, Mr. Terinz built a house in the middle of the production line and moved in. His constant presence was remarkably effective until his unstable mind became too fragile for the demanding long hours. Grabbing whichever tools were closest, Mr. Terinz went on a killing spree. When the foundry dust settled, mass graves were filled in his personal cemetery located somewhere in his factory mansion.

Although there were rumors that Mr. Terinz still roamed the halls of mansion, we now know the forms resembling him are actually the trapped tormented ghosts of the murdered workers. The mansion remains for viewing. It is now referred to as ‘The Massacre on Mahoning.’ This odd sequence of rooms was designed by the elderly, bordering insane, Mr. Terinz. His installation of a real cemetery, infirmary, and mausoleums prove that his plans were not to go out quietly.

A treacherous journey through his mansion will certainly produce multiple run-ins with his victims. Seemingly alive and real, these creatures persistently search for the cause of their agony.

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