What to expect at The Factory of Terror:


The Factory of Terror is a self guided walk through attraction. You will experience low light conditions, strobes, lasers, moving walls, black lights, sudden movements, claustrophobic conditions, confusion, loud noises, strange and demented characters. You will experience attacks from all angles. You will NOT be viewing this attraction behind a safe railing or from a distance. You will enter the attraction and become a part of it  - you will walk in, through, and co-exist with the sets and everything within.

Be prepared to come into contact with objects, people, air blasts, water effects, smoke and more along your journey. You will travel across uneven surfaces, concrete, dirt, open steel gratings. Sound fun? Absolutely, The Factory of Terror is an incredible experience that will frighten, entertain and leave you feeling exhilarated and wanting more.

Awesome Photo Ops:

The Factory of Terror has awesome photo opportunities to remember your visit:

  1. The Factory of Terror has created a bunch of photo ops for you to take with your own cell phone. The photo ops are located at the half way point in the concession area.  We ask that this is the only place that you use you cell phones.
  2. We also have staff going around and snapping FREE photos of you and your group.  Spot the person taking pictures and jump into the scene.  You will be handed a haunt photo card which will provide instructions how to retrieve your picture -share quickly and easily on Facebook.
  3. NEW FOT photo booth -Located in our Blood Room (Main waiting area upon entering the building). Get a picture taken and have it printed out right on the spot.


Dress code:

This show is located in an abandoned factory. There is potential that you will make contact with dirt, fencing, wood, steel, chains, barrels, etc. The Factory of Terror will not be held responsible for the cleaning, repair or replacement of customer's wardrobe or accessories. Please dress for the weather. We do not provide heat. If it is cold outside, it is cold inside. If it is hot outside, it is hot inside. Ladies: Please NO open-toed shoes, flip flops, sandals or high heels. Gentlemen: Same thing - leave your sandals, crocks etc. at home.

Halloween Attire:

You may wear Halloween attire but not costumes where your face is concealed, and ABSOLUTELY no masks. Feel free to arrive with your face painted. You may NOT carry props (items which supplement your outfit) into the attraction -please leave these in your vehicle

How long will I be there?

The Factory is BIG and you will be required to walk 3/4 of a mile once inside the attraction. The Factory of Terror broke the Guinness World Record! for the second time, claiming title to the Longest Haunted House on Earth, on August 27, 2011. Please plan on being on site for at least an hour. On busy nights you can expect to wait in line for up to two hours. Sounds like a long wait but once you are on the property, you will lose all sense of time. The waiting areas are entertaining in themselves.

How do we enhance your experience?

A concession area is located at approximately the half way point. Pizza, snacks, beverages (non-alcoholic), shirts are all available at the concession area.

Restrooms (Portable toilets) are available at four locations: two facilities in the parking area by the ticket booth, two facilities before you enter the building, two facilities at the 1/2 point and two facilities at the exit.

Hide-A-Way Restaurant:

The Hide-A-Way Grille is within walking distance of the Factory of Terror. The Hide-A-Way features a full menu and full service bar (for those over 21). The dining room is open to all ages. The Hide-A-Way also serves as our overflow parking area.