Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress?

Wear clothes appropriate for the current weather conditions on the day of visit. FOT, while indoors, is not temperature controlled. Do NOT wear opened toed shoes or clothes that you mind getting dirty or damaged. FOT is located in an abandoned factory. There is potential that you will make contact with dirt, fencing, wood, steel, chains, barrels, etc. The Factory of Terror is not responsible for the cleaning, repair or replacement of customers wardrobe or accessories.

Is an ATM available?

Yes. A $2 service fee applies per transaction.

Do I have to pay to park?

General parking is FREE on a first come basis. Reserved parking is available for a fee and can be purchased on-line.

What is the recommended age to enter?

We recommend at least 10 yrs of age to enter. Ultimately, parents are responsible for making this decision.

Do you offer a children’s discount?

No. This is an intense show, please exercise judgement when allowing your children to attend.

What if I buy a ticket and am too afraid to enter?

We will be disappointed that you missed our awesome show, but refunds are not available.

Are the scary people allowed to touch me?

You may come in contact with an actor, but they will not grab or harm you.

How long is the wait to get into the Haunted House?

After you purchase your ticket, expect to wait anywhere from 15-90 minutes. If you want in faster, we offer a fast pass.

What is a FAST pass?

A FAST pass is a separate line that takes you in front of the General Admission ticket holders and will allow you to enter almost immediately. We have 4 different areas that you will be in line. The FAST pass will take you to the front of each one of the lines.

How long will it take to get through the Factory of Terror?

Keep in mind, we are the World’s Largest and Longest Haunted House. Your journey will take approximately one hour to complete. This does not include time spent waiting in que lines.

How many people in my group can go through at one time?

We recommend you enter in groups of 4. We will allow as many as you wish to enter together but we feel the experience can be hindered with large groups.

Where can I find coupons and discounts?

Coupons can be found on our Facebook page and on our web site (when available). Sign up for the FOT mobile fan club. Send "fot" to 545454. We also have other specials listed on the Specials page.

Can I use more than one coupon?

No, one coupon/discount/special per ticket. You may not combine a coupon with any active special. Any coupon you desire to use must be printed and surrendered at the box office at time of purchase. Pick any one coupon/special/discount of your choice per ticket.

Are restroom facilities available?

Portable toilets are available at four locations.

Do you have snacks, drinks, or souvenirs?

Yes, Yes and yes. Check out our concession stand located at the half way point. We do not sell alcohol.

Is the Factory of Terror wheelchair accessible?


Does the Factory of Terror have security?

Yes, uniformed officers are on site at all times to keep everyone safe.

How do I work for the Factory of Terror?

Join the team! Apply for a job at The Factory of Terror here.

Are you open if it rains?

Yes, we are open rain or shine, hot or cold. Our waiting areas (que lines) are all indoors.

What will keep me from getting admitted?

Being intoxicated, acting disorderly toward staff and other customers, wearing masks or costumes, or carrying weapons.

Can I take photographs or video?

You can not take photos or video inside the haunted attractions. This is disruptive to actors and poses a risk of damage to your camera. However, feel free to do so while in any waiting areas, lines, or designated photo-op locations.

Can I use a flashlight?

We do not allow flashlights in the haunted house. However, if you are interested in a lights-on tour of the Factory of Terror, please contact us.

Do you have a "Lost and Found"?

Yes. Please contact us immediately via email or phone so we can search for your item immediately. The sooner we know about your lost item, the better the chances are that we will find it. Please provide as much detail as possible: description of the item, date and approximate time you were here, hopefully you can recall what area of the show you think it was lost (or maybe even something like before or after concessions). Leave you name and best way to phone contact for number.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

Yes. Debit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. A $2 service fee applies per transaction.


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